Arnaud Gourret - Ecologist

Arnaud is one of the latest additions to the Green Tape Solutions team up in Central Queensland, Rockhampton. With several years of experience in ecological research, wildlife management and environmental consulting, Arnaud has been involved in various monitoring projects in both New South Wales and Queensland as a researcher, field assistant and consultant.

Having spent a significant amount of time in the field studying herpetology, mainly arboreal geckos, Arnaud has developed considerable skills in wildlife surveying/handling and tree climbing, and has as result also spent a considerable amount of time working as a spotter-catcher and installing habitat for displaced fauna. In addition to this, as a wildlife officer Arnaud had the privilege of working with of one of Northern Australia’s top predators, namely salt-water crocodiles.


As a consultant, Arnaud compiled a variety of ecological assessment reports, bushfire threat assessments, nest box monitoring and remediation programs.. 




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