Carla Archibald - Ecologist

Carla Archibald has experience assessing and facilitating urban and infrastructural development projects. Carla has over 4 years experience as a fauna consultant and 2 years experience as a research assistant for Universities and non-government organisations (IUCN) on projects concerning climate change, invasive species, avian ecology and protected areas. Carla has a background conducting terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys predominantly in Australia, but also in Peru. Common techniques used both trapping and observational methods utilising visuals, calls and traces for all taxa. Throughout Carla’s past roles she has established a strong foundation in conducting desktop research/analysis, data collection, data compilation and data analysis using a variety of sources and programs.


Carla completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Wildlife Science) at The University of Queensland in 2013 and completed her honours (first class) project in avian ecology in 2014. Carla Archibald is also a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, working with Associate Professor Jonathan Rhodes and Dr Morena Mills, within the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science. Her project will be focusing on modelling the threats to forested ecosystems, and understanding how conservation actions work toward protecting them. Carla is `interested in applying Diffusion of Innovation theory to understand the adoption and spread of these conservation actions and ways in which we can better target or tailor conservation interventions to scale up their adoption.